Veterinary diagnostics

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Veterinary diagnostics of DNA/RNA causative agents of infectious diseases using the Real-Time PCR method.

Veterinary diagnostic kits RealBest-Vet® are designed for the detection of nucleic acids of microbiological agents isolated from clinical samples of animals, causing various infectious diseases. Detection is achieved using the Real-Time PCR method with hybridization-fluorescence TaqMan probes.

  • Comprehensive approach to PCR diagnostics includes sample preparation (DNA/RNA extraction), Real-Time PCR, and result evaluation.
  • Simple extraction of nucleic acids using magnetic particles.
  • Uniform PCR and RT-PCR protocols for the detection of a wide range of pathogens.
  • Non-competitive internal control.
  • Storage of all kit components at the same temperature of +2 to +8 °C for 12 months.
  • Transport at a temperature of up to +25 °C for a maximum of 10 days.
  • Compliance with the requirements of EN ISO 13485:2016.

Formats of diagnostic kits


Lyophilized ready-to-use reaction mixture in white strips in a 96-well plate (8 x 0.2 ml tubes) to which isolated DNA/RNA samples are added.

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  • All necessary components for the PCR reaction are part of the lyophilized reaction mixture; in the case of reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR), a separate reverse transcription step is not required.
  • To set up the PCR reaction, simply add extracted DNA/RNA samples and run PCR or RT-PCR.

Real-Time PCR devices and formats


CFX96 (Bio-Rad, USA), DTlite, DT-96 (DNA-Technology, Russia)

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Number of simultaneously detectable pathogens

Detection channels

3 and more FAM, ROX, HEX (JOE), Cy5
  • Other Real-Time PCR instruments with similar technical characteristics can be used after validation.

Zloženie diagnostických súprav


Reaction mixture - lyophilized, ready for use
Positive control sample
96/48 white 0.2 ml microtubes (8 strips of 12 microtubes each) in a PCR plate
1 tube, 1 ml

Diagnostic kits (PDF)