The company Diagnostické centrum DNK, s.r.o. was founded in the year 2000.

The main focus of the company is the purchase and sale of real-time PCR diagnostic kits. Our product range includes kits for the extraction of nucleic acids from clinical samples and kits for the diagnosis of DNA/RNA of human infectious disease agents, kits for the detection of genetic SNP polymorphisms from biological material samples, veterinary diagnostic kits, and kits for detecting bacterial resistance.

We offer kits for the detection of nucleic acids from various viral diseases, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), TORCH and herpetic infections, tick-borne and zoonotic diseases, tuberculosis, respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal, nosocomial infections, genetically inherited diseases, and also veterinary diseases.

From genetic kits, we offer kits for detecting thrombophilia, cardiovascular diseases, hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, hereditary hemochromatosis, reproductive diseases, autoimmune diseases, and warfarin pharmacogenetics.

In addition to the distribution of diagnostic kits, the company provides technical assistance in the implementation of new diagnostic kits in practice.

Our suppliers of diagnostic kits are our long-standing business partners, and our collaboration with them is built on reliability, proven quality, and mutual trust.

Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits meet international safety and quality standards and comply with the requirements of international ISO standards. Diagnostic kits are registered and recorded in the database of medical devices at the Slovak Health Institute (ŠÚKL).

Since its inception, Diagnostické centrum DNK, s.r.o. has recognized the increasing demands for the quality of services provided to its customers. In this regard, it strives to improve the quality of all processes taking place in the company.